#1 question, which side of the screen does the air flow through first? or How do I replace the Screen in my frame*?

This is a very important question, remember GREEN to GRID, or which ever color screen you are replacing. You must have a frame with the Refill Screens, this prevents the Screen from being sucked into your A/C unit and could cause damage. *Note:Superior Air Quality and its members/employees are NOT held responsible/liable for any damages caused by installing or using any of our products.*

Air flows through the white into the green/blue/orange, (then through the Activated carbon if purchased) finally through the grid of the frame and into your A/C unit. Please call the office if any questions on which way your air flows, 817-326-1423. M-F 9-5 

There are two exceptions; One, window unit, call the office for installation. Two, Green/Blue Screen Panels; these already have a ridged wire sewn inside the fabric. When calling to reorder please indicate you would like "Screen Panels."

Below is an example how to replace the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ air filter. 


How does the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter work, and how does it differ from the other filters?

The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ is very different from any filter available in stores for residential use. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter has been used for commercial and hospital applications for around 60 years. SAQ has chosen to sell it for residential/small commercial customers. It is a dual-density polyester media pad, treated with an anti-microbial and tactifier that are non-migrating and non-toxic. This creates 3 zones for trapping different size particles. The anti-microbial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. The tactifier helps collect and TRAP the fine dust, allergens, dust mites, etc. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ loads throughout its 1” of media to allow for better air flow than other quality filters. The “GREEN” layer is tacky to trap more particles while still letting the air flow properly.

What is the difference between the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ & BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™?

The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ media is a higher-grade filter with a tactifier and anti-microbial benefits. It has a dust holding capacity higher than the BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™. The BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™ is better than most pleated filters however, and is used more in restaurant and commercial applications such as beauty salons and pet stores/kennels where allergens are not an issue.

What is the Orange Screen 2” and BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™ 2” for?

The Orange Screen 2” is more like the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ in that it has the anti-microbial and the tactifier for greater dust and allergen protection. It is 2” thick for the 2” frame. The BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™ 2” media is for restaurant and commercial applications.

Does this filter restrict the air flow?

The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ has optimal air flow. It is designed with dual density that allows clean air to exit the filter while at the same time trapping the dirt. This is called depth-loading by the industry. It does not face-load as with other filters such as pleated and electrostatic washable filters. Face-loading is when a filter collects all the large, medium and small particles on the front surface causing them to dam up restricting the air flow very quickly. This can cause the A/C unit motor to work harder to pass air through causing a greater strain on your A/C unit which could result in higher energy cost and a possible lessening of lifespan. In an average 2000 sq. ft. home, face-loading could cost the consumer around $5.00 - $10.00 more per month per filter in the house. Because the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ depth-loads, it has a longer service life.

What is Dual-Density?

This is when the media fibers get smaller at the back of the filter or the side the air leaves the filter. This allows the larger particles to be captured in front and the smaller particles to travel deeper into the filter and become trapped. This allows the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter to load evenly and lowers the resistance of the air flow through your filter. This filter does not face load unless over loaded.

What is an Anti-Microbial?

The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter has had an anti-microbial agent in its fibers. This will inhibit the growth of any bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, fungus that come in contact with the filter media. It is 100% safe. It does not have an odor or give off any harmful fumes or gases. It is safe for all residents and pets in the home.

What is the Sticky stuff I feel on my filter?

That is a tactifier which helps the filter catch and hold very small particles. It adds another zone to the filter which helps trap the microscopic particles and the fine dust. It is absolutely harmless and easily washes off your hands with soap and water. If you do not like the feel, you can use gloves to change your filter.

Which direction does the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ go?

The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ should be installed as follows; white to green to frame grid to ac/furnace unit. MAKE SURE THE GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter is installed where the frame grid is closest to the ac/furnace unit or the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ could get sucked out of the frame into the machine possibly causing damage.

What is the piece of weather stripping with my frame for?

Each frame comes with a piece of weather stripping. This is only for frames that are installed in ceiling or wall locations. It is used to keep the frame from moving in the intake. You may or may not need it. Just check it by putting your frame in place first to see if there is any extra space. You do not want any filter to move up or down when unit comes on or off or dirty air could sneak around it. You can also check the “Important Sheet” that comes with the frame for location to put the weather stripping.

I have a really odd sized filter in my home, can you fit my unit?

Yes! We can custom make your frame to fit ANY size, down to 6”. The refills are always cut to fit your frame.

Will the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter help with the dust and pet dander in my home?

Yes! This filter is designed to capture even the smallest particles, including the fine dust, pet dander and dust mite debris. Most of our customers notice about a 50% reduction of dust.

Do we have to wash our GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter?

Definitely not!! You do not want to wash any filter and put it back into your A/C unit. Doing so can create a haven for mold & mildew to grow and spread throughout your A/C ducts and home. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter is made to “trap” most particles making it almost impossible to wash them out. This is another advantage over pleated filters because the particles don’t fall back in the air in the changing process.

Is the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter better than an electrostatic filter?

Yes! An electrostatic filter has never been a good concept stated by many independent studies. It looks nice at first and costs more, so people think it is better, when in fact it can be much worse. First, as mentioned above, you NEVER want to wash a filter and put it back in your A/C unit. Even if you dry them completely, the spores can still be there. This may promote mold and mildew growth. Every time the electrostatic filter is washed, the electrostatic charge is depleted and completely gone after just a few washes. The electrostatic filter is typically very restrictive on your air flow, also, and has a much poorer efficiency rating than the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter. It is almost impossible to get all the dirt and microscopic particles out of the electrostatic filter which builds up over time. It is so much better to trap the particles and get them out of the house in the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™.

Is the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter better than a pleated ultra-allergen filter?

YES! The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter typically traps more particles, lasts longer, has better air flow, is less expensive and is more convenient. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ also helps lessen allergens better than the expensive ultra-allergen pleated filters. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ can even last longer because of the depth-loading benefit, so you may not have to change them as often.

Should we use the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter even if we have an air purifier or air cleaner?

Yes! Many purifiers help the Indoor Air Quality but were not made to protect your ac unit. In using both, they capture the vast majority of all particles in the air protecting the unit and what you breathe.

What is Efficiency?

Efficiency is a grading scale to grade how much and what size particles a particular type of filter can stop. The scale goes from Arrestance, Efficiency, HEPA to ULPA. Arrestance is 10 micron sized particles and up. (Large Particles) Efficiency is 10 microns down to 1 micron. (smaller) HEPA is from 99.97% at .3 micron (smaller) ULPA can catch as much as 99.99995% at .3 microns. (most all particles) One thing to remember is that the smallest particle size that can be seen with the naked eye is 10 microns, or roughly the equivalent of a human hair. Also, a true HEPA or ULPA filter is made for commercial or industrial use mainly and would not work in most residential units because of air flow restriction. Sometimes vacuum cleaners or portable air purifiers have HEPA filters.

Is GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ environmentally friendly?

Yes! It is a synthetic polyester fiber. It is 100% Land Fill-able (safe to add to a landfill). You don’t have the cardboard, fiberglass, wire or plastic to dispose of. Many of our customers re-purpose their yearly supply of dirty filters and use as weed block in their gardens in the Spring. The frame is 100% recyclable but is never replaced so you don’t throw it away.

Where else can I buy the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter?

It is only available through Superior Air Quality.

How often do I change my filter?

This is a very important question. Many store bought filters state different replacement times like “Lasts Up to 90 Days”. Then if you read the small print it states a whole list of reasons you would need to change it more often. Most consumers just look at the “90 Days” and use that schedule. In reality, you should change most pleated filters every month which is recommended by most HVAC companies. We recommend changing the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ every 2 - 3 months depending on your home. That is about the time when your resistance will start to go up due to the amount of dirt the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ filter has trapped. We want you to change your filter when the efficiency is high and the resistance is low. Location of the filter can cause it to collect more or less… the closer your filter is to the floor, the more of the heavy dust it will collect.

A good rule of thumb is (call the office for recommendations for specific situations):

*With 1 filter in the house and no more than 3 people/pets: 2-month change out. (unless it’s an Extra Small Size)
*For each additional filter in your house add 1 month
*For more than 3 people/pets or if you live in a dusty area- change more often
*Basically, check your filter monthly and change when the white part is a light to medium brownish gray. The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ should NEVER look caked or dark brown. Any filter that gets over loaded can cost you more in energy and maintenance costs and can shorten the life of our unit then if you change them when needed.
*Make sure you are getting your monthly reminder by email or text from SAQ to check your filter.





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